Tracktion’s full, unlimited DAW T7 is now available free to all

Music makers can get excited about getting their hands on some excellent music creation software without pulling out your wallets as Tracktion’s T7 DAW goes FREE.

Tracktion’s T7 DAW is only 2 years old, releasing in 2016 at $60 for the full version of the varied and powerful Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Tracktion have now released the full DAW as freeware meaning that anyone can download and use Tracktion T7 as much as they want to craft all of their musical compositions at no cost at all. This continues a trend beginning in 2015 when Tracktion made the 5th iteration of their music software free to download and have released the next version free each year since.

The DAW comes in FULL with all of it’s features, it’s not a lite version or a trial – the whole package is free! T7 comes with unlimited numbers of audio and MIDI tracks and a professional feature set, allowing you to compose, record, edit, mix, and share your music easily.

When they launched T7, Tracktion designed a new user interface for the software which they nick named ‘Blue Steel’ because “this screen is designed for serious action”. The interface is designed so that it can pack a load of features into the screen without inhibiting your workflow or creativity. T7 saw greater visual depth and a coordinated colour palette which make it clear and simple to work on.

T7 added an awesome new feature that producers will love which they call Clip Layer Effects. It allows users to stack multiple effects and processing on an individual clip rather than using plugins for an entire track. This means that layers to clips can be active but not taking up screen space whilst you work on other elements of the track whilst remaining easily recalled for any tweaks at any time.

New Automation Patterns allows you to choose a parameter you want automating and easily select a common pattern to apply which you can tweak or leave it as is – making automation as smooth as it should be. Their LFO Modifier was also newly implemented for T7 and allows automation of any parameter on a plugin or channel control element (filter) for more expressive uses of plugins with less effects.

What are you waiting for? Download your free, full version of Tracktion 7 right now.

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