TrackDrip, South America’s hot new music streaming service

South America has a new playing in music streaming service to take on big players like Spotify, Deezer and SoundCloud. 

Europe and North America have built themselves up as the world’s music streaming leaders with services like Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music taking the world by storm. In recent years Asia and Africa have emerged with their own music services and seen incredible growth.

TrackDrip could be the start of a streaming revolution in South America. The new music streaming service has just launched in Suriname following launches in Cuba and Curaçao. They’re hoping to become the flagship music streaming service for South America and the Caribbean, highlighting music from those regions.

TrackDrip Co-Founder, Phil Tevreden says: “Our in-depth understanding of the unique needs and consumption habits of our target audiences within the local music communities, in combination with the latest technology by Tuned Global, enables our TrackDrip application to grow at an accelerated pace and keep a mass-market approach to user acquisition in our territories.”

The service is powered by Tuned Global, a B2B music service offering music solutions to companies. Tuned Global support the music infrastructure of a bunch of emerging music services around the globe.

As streaming permeates everywhere as the new method for listening to music, South America is due it’s own boom in the new format. There is very little competition there currently and it is dominated by Spotify, who said in January: “Spotify became the dominant paid streaming service in Latin America with minimal effort.”

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