The Eddie Kramer Collection – Waves Audio Signature Series Software Plug-ins

The second collection from the Waves Audio’s ‘Signature Series’ explores the mindset and production genius that is Mr Eddie Kramer. Kramer, through his inspired engineering and production, helped sensationalise contemporary rock music in the 60’s adding the quality of sound that, until then, rock music had never been truly explored with or revealed by.

Kramer has worked and helped produce albums for Hendrix, Led Zeplin, Kiss, Santana, Bowie, Clapton and The Beatles to name a few, which has clearly earnt him the homage of a Waves Signature Series.

“As a producer/engineer, my main function is to interpret the artist’s vision, and give them the sonic palette to help realize their dreams. If I can make that happen, then I’ve done my job.” – Eddie Kramer

Built on a very similar looking platform and interface it is clear that Waves are definitely attempting to keep the collection consistent throughout and many aspects of this new Kramer Series mirror those from the Maserati Series. The Kramer Series offers 5 plug-ins for each area of a classic rock mix.

• Eddie Kramer Guitar Channel

• Eddie Kramer Drum Channel

• Eddie Kramer Effects Channel

• Eddie Kramer Bass Channel

• Eddie Kramer Vocal Channel

I would have to say that the simplicity in parameters renders this edition of the Signature Series very task specific and will mainly appeal to lovers of Kramer’s work or engineers attempting to recreate the earthy rock sounds of the 60s/70s. Whereas, Maserati’s Series, although still not greatly, offered slightly more diversity in sound (I know I’ll get ripped for that).

Anyway, this is a great tool, worth a try for any engineer experimenting with a rock band, check the Waves website for the finer details.

Infuriatingly priced at $800 means I’ve only had a go at the demo whilst looking for a good torr…. nevermind.

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