Deezer makes two big hires to bolster global expansion

Following Deezer’s move into North America the streaming service has hired two new vice presidents to oversee operations in the USA and Southern Europe. Deezer recently expanded into the massive US market, marking a giant shift in…

Stream BBC Radio in America as iPlayer Radio app launches in US

Americans can now stream BBC Radio with the iPlayer radio app featuring chart leading tracks on Radio 1 to the home of alternative music on Radio 6. The BBC is the UK’s number one radio…

Sprint and Spotify Partner for Music Streaming Offering via Your Telco Bill?

There are rumours that Sprint and Spotify have partnered to offer Sprint customers free trials of Spotify. Additionally, Sprint customers will then be able to continue with their subscription and tie it into their standard…

Simon Cowell’s X Factor Dropped by Fox in USA Over Poor Ratings Against the Voice and American Idol

It has been confirmed that Simon Cowell‘s X Factor has been dropped by Fox for US television. Unfortunately for UK fans Cowell has confirmed he will return to the UK version of the programme to…

Great Mashup of the Best United State of Pop 2013 tracks

Great Mashup of the Best United State of Pop 2013 tracks. Very cool!

Psonar Launches Pay-Per-Play Music Streaming Service in the USA and Europe

Psonar has just launched their new pay-per-play streaming music service. The new service will charge users 1p (or 1 cent / Eurocent in the US and Europe) per play of tracks that they don’t own, streamed to their PC or mobile device.

Chromeo’s Summer USA Tour Dates Announced

Chromeo is one of my favourite bands at the moment. Chromeo tracks that im loving include Fancy Footwork and Dont Turn The Lights On. You can see Chromeo live with Holy Ghost!, Neon Indian, and/or Telephoned this summer.

How to Get My Music on Pandora

Pandora is a music service based in the USA which introduces listeners to music they’ve never heard before is one of our central missions, and we welcome independent artists from all backgrounds and levels of…

Free Music: Beach House – Zebra

Beach House are a great USA band out of Maryland. Beach House is a great alternative or indie band and they have been nice enough to drop us their latest UK edit for their track…

Free Music: Pac Div – Dont Mention It

Pac Div are the new kids on the block with some great hip-hop. Their latest track, “Don’t Mention It” is a great track which they have taken focus on the whole look at me mentality….