Americans can now stream BBC Radio with the iPlayer radio app featuring chart leading tracks on Radio 1 to the home of alternative music on Radio 6.

The BBC is the UK’s number one radio provider with over 50 radio stations ranging from hit music national stations to local county stations. Now the iPlayer app has launched on mobile devices in the US so that Americans can tune in live to BBC Radio programmes, or catch up with it’s large collection of recent shows and features.

The app is available for free from the Apple App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices. As many in the US love British media from TV to music the BBC’s iPlayer Radio app should be a welcome introduction for the music lovers of the US and those who enjoy radio talk and game shows.

It seems that the US isn’t the end of BBC’s expanded availibility of iPlayer Radio as BBC producer and reporter Rich Preston tweeted that it will be “released globally very soon”.

With the official BBC iPlayer Radio app US customers can now:

  • Listen live to BBC Radio stations from the World Service and across the UK
  • Catch up or listen again to your favourite BBC Radio programmes
  • Download podcasts to enjoy anywhere, even when offline
  • Browse and listen to carefully curated BBC Radio highlights and collections
  • View daily schedules and categories quickly and easily
  • Discover audio and video clips, including many live performances
  • See what tracks are playing on air as well as track lists for on demand programmes
  • Wake up to and doze off to BBC Radio with a built-in alarm clock and night mode

You will need an internet connection to access BBC iPlayer Radio content.