How much is Spotify for students?

Spotify Premium’s $9.99 a month is in-line with most other major streaming competitors, but if you’re a student, you can get a little more for a lot less. Spotify Premium give you access to their…

Spotify Premium, Hulu & SHOWTIME just $4.99 for students

As if students didn’t have it good enough with cheap, unlimited music streaming and Hulu access, Spotify have added SHOWTIME for even more watching. Spotify have just added SHOWTIME to their Premium accounts for students….

YouTube just announced their new cable TV streaming service

YouTube have announced a brand new streaming service which will bring live cable TV streams to the world’s biggest site for videos. In Los Angeles this week YouTube announced a new TV streaming service which…

Bon Jovi Documentary To Be Premiered on Showtime in USA

There are so many Bon Jovi fans in the world and to tell you the truth im not really sure why. Anyways Showtime have just acquired the Bon Jovi documentary called “When we were beautiful”….