Spotify launch Amplify, a new hub for Women’s History Month

Spotify have launched a new hub for highlighting, empowering and amplifying causes and voices from subjugated communities.

In celebration of Women’s History Month Spotify have launched Amplify for fans in the US and Canada. The year-round hub on Spotify will focus on causes including Gender Equality, Mental Health & Self Care, LGBTQ rights, and Immigration.

Amplify will kick off with ‘Amplify Women’, a celebration of women via a host of podcasts and playlists that speak on and represent the views and voices of women. The primary Amplify playlist will this month be named ‘Amplify: Women of the World’ and artists will include Raisa x Isyana from Indonesia, Saaro Aalto from Finland, and Fatouma Diawara from Mali + many more.

Spotify have teamed up with Demi Lovato for a video interview to celebrate the rise in popularity for Latin Music, and highlight the women within it. The video joins Lovato as she records a Spanish version of her hit track ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ where they discuss gender equality, her confidence as a woman, and more. Her track and the video will be available on Viva Latino, Spotify’s hub for Latin music.

Demi Lovato said: “Our world is inspiring people to speak up about the things they believe in, to make a difference, to make a change. And one of the things that people are speaking out against is women’s rights, women hold so much power, so much strength, we really need to embrace that as a society and all genders.”

Becky G is another artist getting involved with a special Viva Latino podcast episode discussing similar topics of female identity and gender equality. She said: “It’s an honor to be part of Spotify’s Viva Latino Podcast, especially on International Women’s Day! I take pride in being an empowered, young Latina who works hard to honor other strong women around me, and all over the world, not just today, but everyday.”

Their Latin Hub will also include a new ¡Viva Latinas! section which will promote entirely female led Latin playlists. In addition Spotify have created a special edition of their Latin Divas playlist which is made up of female artists from all over Latin America, Spain and Latin members of the US community including Karol G, Leslie Grace, Mon Laferte, Francisca Valenzuela, and many more.

You can head to Amplify and Spotify’s Latin Hub from those links or find them in the Browse section of Spotify.

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