Native Instruments release free Reaktor Blocks 1.2 update with sequencer & drums

Native Instruments have updated Reaktor Blocks with some new features and a load of hardware integration improvements for extensive creativity and freedom.

The Reaktor Blocks 1.2 update introduces new CV and MIDI connectivity. Calibrate pitch signals for accurate use with external hardware oscillators, use Blocks to convert any signal into gates and triggers, and send pitch, gate, and modulation signals from a Blocks patch to Reaktor’s MIDI out.

Maschine Sequencer – The Maschine Sequencer Block is an Reaktor Blocks Native Instruments music production
eight-channel trigger sequencer designed to control Blocks patches directly from your Maschine MK2 controller. The sequencer also features a Euclidean pattern generator – the perfect way to get a jolt of inspiration. This new device and many more are available free in the NI User Library.

Pitch CV out – Send pitch CV and Gate signals to external hardware. Convenient auto-calibration tunes osciallators and calibrates the pitch CV signal that gets sent out of Reaktor via your DC-coupled converter. Calibration can be saved per snapshot.

Gates and triggers – Generate up to four gates and triggers from incoming signals. Perfect for pinging filters, triggering function generators and envelopes, clocking sequencers and much more. Connect external modular gear or use them internally in your Blocks patches.

MIDI out – This dedicated Blocks module converts pitch and gate information from any Blocks patch into MIDI signals which you can then send to external MIDI gear. The module also functions as a four-channel CV to MIDI CC converter.

NIJI Drums – Niji Drums Blocks are eight drum voices that recreate the sound of a legendary drum machine. Use them with the Maschine sequencer for Blocks to create your own custom drum machine – the perfect marriage of the freedom of patching and hands-on hardware control.

Native Instruments drum machine music production
Niji Drums come free with the update and offer 8 drum voices

YouTube channel Kadenze have some great tutorials on using the new features of Reaktor Blocks you can watch here.

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