DJ and Produce Tracks With Your Placemat At McDonald’s In The Netherlands

In one of the least annoying marketing schemes to come from fast-food outlet McDonald’s they’ve introduced placemats that let you create music in the Netherlands.

Created by innovative, interactive tech devs This Page Amsterdam, the placemat connects to your smartphone and uses conductive ink to control it’s buttons and features. The mat features enough tools to record a proper mini track with sample loops, an effect pad to add and customise effects, tempo settings, a keyboard and a recording function to add your voice – or if you want to annoy everyone in McDonald’s you could take your guitar I suppose.

As you can see it the video above it’s really cool and almost makes going to McDonald’s seemĀ appealing… almost. Unfortunately to the rest of the world these musical placemats are currently only available in the Netherlands but I can’t imagine any outlets turning this amazingly creative idea down. Seriously McDonald’s UK get on it.

Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote

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