This new quarantine game lets you play with friends from home + your smart speaker

This party game sets you the task of talking to your Smart Speaker in just the right way to win this new quarantine game.

Hey Robot is a game that’s been building support on Kickstarter and is yet to launch in full. However it’s lovely creators saw everyone getting bored whilst stuck at home self-isolating and have launched a rough version early that is free to play.

You need either an Amazon Alexa or Google Home speaker, they say it doesn’t work so well with phones. You place that near to your computer and call your friends to bring them in and you’re off in one of the two game modes.

To play Hey Robot, you have to make your Smart Speaker say a word or certain phrase without saying it yourself. It’s like taboo with a robotic and sometimes nonsensical player who also happens to have a hell of a lot at their disposal.

There are two game modes: versus and co-op. In the first you battle your friend, or friends, to be the first to complete enough words and phrases to earn 14 points. In the other you work together to complete the words and phrases in 15 turns.

You can head to the online game’s website here.

The creators commented on releasing a free, stripped down internet version, saying: “We’re all socially isolated and in great need of some anxiety-relieving conntection, we thought we’d make a version to play with Zoom or Skype and as many friends as you can fit on your screen.”

The full edition of Hey Robot comes as a board game with gorgeous Pop Art design and 850 “lovingly-curated” words. You can pre-order that, which is expected to ready in June, here:

Endless offers a virtual hang out for collaboratively jamming out music with loops

Endless is the perfect companion to those itching to get creative with others but stuck socially distancing themselves with only a smartphone for company.

Jamming with people around the world has become shockingly plausible with the internet and there are many ways to go about achieving this in entirely different and creative ways. One that has been newly brought to my attention is mobile app Endless.

It offers a loop-based creative space that allows its users to collaborate in jams together. Using drum shots, melodious notes, effects and more contributors can bring their additions in the form of loops for others to riff off of or as their own segment of someone else’s jams.

You can link up with friends and jam together or explore Endless’s wider community and discover new creators. It’s simple to hop into but excitingly broad in its potential under your control. It can be connected up to Ableton Link for use with external instruments as well.

If you’re really into what you’re creating then there’s an export option that uses .aiff files to convert it to your DAW of choice. The app is free and is available to enhance with many more additional sounds and effects for a monthly subscription cost.

The app is available for iOS devices now and is hopefully coming to more platforms soon.

Peter Hollens’ “Epic Hand Washing Parody” helps raise money for coronavirus relief fund (video)

Featuring parodies from the likes of Billie Eilish, Luis Fonsi, Taylor Swift, Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars, The Epic Hand Washing Parody is a fun video to help you stay entertained while washing your hands for 20 seconds.

“All revenue and proceeds from this song will be donated to GlobalGiving’s Relief Fund. Go donate here.”

This Spotify soap dispenser makes sure you’re washing your hands right with your favourite tunes

You should know by now the importance of washing your hands for 20 seconds, but who wants to sing Happy Birthday every time?

The Scrubber project is getting people washing their hands with real jams to accompany them. It shows you how to create your own mini speaker which connects to Spotify to play 20 seconds of your music when you use and attach it to a soap dispenser.

It’s a fun DIY project that also helps you ensure you’re doing the right thing to prevent Coronavirus infection. You’ll need a Raspberry Pi W Zero, Adafruit speaker bonnet, a few inches of thin wire and a tiny bit of copper tape to create your personal hand washing anthem machine!

Find out more and instructions on how to do it here:

Audible are making audiobooks free to keep self-isolators entertained

With so many people around the world locking down, working from home and self-isolating Amazon are offering up free audiobooks to everyone.

The Coronavirus pandemic has seen shut downs across the world and the US could well be soon as schools across the country shut down and workers try to stay home as much as possible. Self-isolation can seem like a very daunting thing so companies are coming out of the woodwork to help us all get through this together.

The latest to bring us free entertainment to keep us busy for the next few months stuck at home are Amazon who are offering free audiobooks. A lot of what’s on offer is directed to children to keep them entertained and educated whilst schools are closed.

Content spans story books and songs for the littlest of children to teen fiction novels to keep the teenagers occupied and ingesting. Free audiobooks aren’t only for young ones as there are also a bunch of literary classics available featuring works from the likes of Jane Austen, Aldous Huxley, Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare and many others.

There are also foreign language books available – so if you’re learning a language or, you know, speak that language then there’s content for you too. Audiobooks are available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.

Monthly subscription fees to Audible can cost $14.95 to $22.95 per month but with many people struggling for cash, especially now, these free audiobooks will be a major boost to many people’s home-life as they are willed to stay there as much as possible.

Audible promised that “for as long as schools are closed, we’re open”. Find your free audiobooks here:

Hypophora’s sweet melodic riffs tear up the studio (video)

Forget your self-isolating woes because we have a monster of a live session for you to watch from the comfort of your sofa.

Hypophora are prolific amp blasters in Cornwall and their funky alt rock rumblings have been heard the globe over. We’re especially happy to see this session released for you to hear as vocalist extraordinaire Katie and bass-blaster Lewis are beloved members of the RouteNote team.

This session has been a long time coming and does not disappoint. Full of beautiful licks, chunky riffs, and incredible vocal chops; we present the wonderful Hypophora on RouteNote Sessions.



Routenote Sessions


Timbaland has a new music pack for VR game Beat Saber

Today in ‘okay this is a thing’ news, rapper Timbaland is flexing his chops over the ninja Guitar Hero of VR experiences.

If you’ve had the pleasure of playing Beat Saber then you know what an exciting amalgam of rhythm games and virtual sword fighting the game is. Set to high energy electronic tracks or fast paced rock, the game puts you in control of slicing through beats as they come towards you whilst avoiding obstacles with your body.

It’s exhilarating and intense and is now seemingly available with a collection of five tracks from producer and hit-making rapper Timbaland. The Timbaland Music Pack covers genres from rap to EDM with features from Sid Tipton, Kaydence, Wavezswavesz, Nash Overstreet, Karra, Common Strangers, and Bruno Martini.

The five original tracks have been created just for Beat Saber and is available for $7.99. You can also listen to the tracks just for fun on streaming services or buy them on iTunes.

The pack launches on March 26th featuring the tracks:

  • Sid Tipton, Timbaland – Has A Meaning
  • Kaydence, Timbaland – Dumb Thingz
  • Wavezswavesz – While We’re Young
  • Nash Overstreet, Karra & Common Strangers – What I Like
  • Bruno Martini, Timbaland – Famous ft. Jake Davis

Beat Saber is one of the biggest selling VR games and has gone double-platinum with over 2 million sales worldwide. Other packs available for download include artists’ Imagine Dragons, Green Day, and K/DA and have sold over 10 million songs in total through DLC.

A new social music platform is the solution to collabs in isolation

A former Apple director has launched of a new platform that lets artists connect and collaborate from the convenience of their own homes.

People are currently having to face the very new reality of being stuck at home with limited travel for the foreseeable weeks. It’s disrupted big events, tourism industries, service industries – but now we’re starting to see how self-isolating at home will affect us.

For musicians, limiting contact with other people means that collaborating and jamming has suddenly become a whole lot harder. Thankfully Arnau Bosch, a former Creative Director at Apple has revealed a new social music platform that will keep musicians connected in these times.

SoundStorming gives artists a platform on which they can generate recordings, promote and share song ideas, and discover new musical collaborators all in a mobile app. It couldn’t have come at a better time as musicians around the world are finding themselves stuck at home.

Co-founder and CEO of the platform, Bosch said: “We see ourselves as connecting the fragmented worlds of music creation, collaboration, and distribution, in one place. Music is the top category on social media, making it a potentially powerful tool for artist discovery.”

Musicians can upload recordings of melodies, chords, or even fully realised tracks for other artists to tap into and expand or completely rework themselves. An auto-time stamping feature ensures that each musician owns the rights to their contribution to the composition to ensure their credit if it gets a commercial release.

Bosch continues: “Social Media is about creating an outside image: fabricated, filtered, unreachable, and egocentric. Musicians usually engage with audiences through content that has nothing to do with music on these platforms. SoundStorming is about talent, not looks, making it the first true social music platform.”

They have outlined their plans in three different phases:

  1. Empowering the next generation of musicians with a streamlined, user-friendly platform that makes it easy and rewarding to network and collaborate with other artists
  2. Bring the professional community of established musicians, producers, A&R folks, etc. into the mix; people who can give well-needed advice and mentoring to emerging artists.
  3. Open the doors to audiences so artists will be able to use the creative process as exclusive content to engage with fans and be discovered.

Bosch adds: “If you open these doors, you can really imagine what kind of interaction and engagement we’re bringing between artists and fans – something that’s never been seen before. I would love for artists to understand the power that they have with their ideas, and to be able to give them the tools to really utilise those ideas.”

It couldn’t have come at a better time. Check out SoundStorming for yourself:

Moog & Korg’s synth apps are free to abate self-isolation boredom

If you’re going to be stuck at home for a while then Moog and Korg have some fantastic ways to keep yourself entertained.

Coronavirus may lead to us self-isolating and finding things to do day-in and day-out for a few weeks. What better time to download some awesome synth applications to play and maybe even create on.

Korg has dropped the price of their wonderfully deep Kaossilator app to absolutely nothing. The powerful and very customisable synth app usually costs $20 / £18 but is available on Android for free until March 20th and on iOS until the 31st of March.

Korg said in a statement: “Schools, workplaces, and meetings worldwide have been requested to close by their respective governments and so many people are studying and working from home. To help you with a musical way to occupy your mind we have decided to make the Kaossilator app for iOS and Android free of charge for a limited time.”

Moog have also made their Minimoog Model D synth app for iOS free. Moog’s app was less expensive in the first place but is still a real nice touch in these potentially hard times. Moog haven’t said whether the price drop is for a limited time so get it now in case it goes back suddenly!

Get the Korg Kaossilator: Android | iOS

Get the Minimoog Model D: iOS

Ahrix, K-391 and Alan Walker want YOU to get involved in remixing End of Time

3 of our favourite producers teamed up to celebrate the power of bedroom producers with their latest hit and now they want you bedroom producers to get involved.

The ‘End of Time’ is a celebration of how musicians can make it from home now, with the power of online listeners looking for good music. It sees Ahrix team up with Alan Walker and K-391 for a reworking of his massive song Nova.

They say: “The ‘home studio’, AKA the bedroom, is where it all started out for us. It was Ahrix’s original version of Nova that brought us together in the first place in 2013 – seven years on in 2020, we wanted to collaborate and bring the track back to the modern day.”

They want to hear from you, independent producers around the world with massive potential. They want you to send them your best example of your production skills before March 14th, when they will listen to your track and pick 15 winners.

The task is then on for five teams of 3 producers to take on the task of remixing End of Time all together. Each team will take on a different element of the mix: drums, lead, bass, chords, and finalisation.

They will release the new remix version through Liquid State next month. A documentary following the process (which they think could be the most remixers on one song ever) will be recorded, created and uploaded.

Just days since its release it has been streamed millions of times and been featured in massive playlists. You can be a part of this major track if you’re a producer.

Send the best example you have of your skills to their campaign and you could be selected to work Alan Walker, Ahrix, and K-391: