Amazon’s colourful new Echo brings the rainbow into your home

Fill your home with music AND colour with the latest range of Amazon’s smart speakers aimed at younger audiences looking brighter than ever.

Amazon are launching a new line of Echo speakers aimed specifically at kids. Their new Echo Dot Kids Edition will give kids access to loads of child-friendly content on the Smart home speakers.

Based on the third-generation Echo Dot speakers that released late last year, the speaker will feature better sound quality and enhanced design on previous Dots. The Kids Edition speaker will be available in two colours: frost blue or a fantastic looking rainbow fabric.

The speakers will offer kids voice-controlled access to content fit for children. It will be able to respond to questions, play voice-based educational games, and there are podcasts aimed at children. The Echo Dot Kids Edition also comes with a years subscription to FreeTime Unlimited, offering over 1,000 kids audiobooks from Audible, Alexa skills from Sony and Disney, and more content aimed at kids.

So that kids are getting the right content for their age, parents are able to select an age bracket for their child so that the Echo Dot only shows content appropriate for that age. Parents can also block specific content, limit how long it can be used, and decide when Alexa will respond.

The Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition ships later this month with a 2-year guarantee against breakages. It will cost $69.99 but will be available for $49.99 in a limited time promotion.

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