The announcement of Roland’s new portable recorder should send chills up the spines of competitors with quality, versatility, and most importantly affordability.

The R-07 is Roland’s new compact recorder which is capable of amazing things in a tiny package. The stylish yet simple device can record high-resolution audio wherever you are with Hybrid Limiting, wireless listening, and even remote control using a smartphone.

Now you’re probably, rightfully, curious about the smartphone connectivity. The R-07 has Bluetooth connectivity built-in which allows you to control, monitor, and listen to your recordings from a smartphone, on a smartwatch or through Bluetooth speakers. Remote recording opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

The Bluetooth technology in R-07 uses Qualcomm aptX for the smoothest streaming performance. Eliminating the need for wires from your recorder gives so much more potential for recording, not just in distance but also hassle by removing wires and therefore tangling from the equation. I can’t be the only one who get’s excited about a lack of tangled wires, right?

The R-07 has been built so that it can be used in any situation, whether that be on the road (or at home) demos, interviews, documenting lectures/speeches, field recordings or pretty much anything. The recorder comes with a range of built-in scenes which you can select and it will optimise it’s recording for your surroundings. Scenes will adjust the sample rate, record mode, limiter, low cut, and input levels for the best sound in that environment.

Fail-safes within the R-07 ensure that no recording is wasted or ruined. Using Dual Recording and Hybrid Limiting the R-07 is capable of taking two recordings at a time: a full level recording and a lower level recording. Using Hybrid Limiting the device can replace clipping within the main recording with the segment from the lower level recording, making limiting as easy as it can be.

Roland’s R-07 is available for £199 from stores now, which is roughly the same or less than you’d expect for a similar quality recorder from competitors. Find out more about it’s specs and find a store selling it near you here: