Zane Lowe

Announced over the weekend, Zane Lowe is too leave BBC Radio One after more than decade at the station. Joining in 2003, Zane Lowe has become the voice of the 7pm-9pm slot Monday-Thursday, introducing the world to the ‘Hottest Records’, launching young artists music careers, and hosting interviews from today’s major players, including Jay Z, Kanye West, Chris Martin, Eminem and Rick Rubin. Come 9th March, Annie Mac is set to take over the evening show.
So as a DJ, why leave presenting on the largest network in the UK? To join the largest company in the world of course! Although his position in the company is undisclosed, Zane Lowe has been picked up by Apple to be part of their music team, forcing much speculation on his exact role.

Apple recently made headlines again with further leaks on what was to come of their new music streaming platform. It seems a total redesign is to come of the iTunes platform, with the help of Beats Music. Perhaps Apple will push iTunes Radio to a more traditional ‘radio’ style, with DJs presenting the latest in new and hot records.
Expect to hear more from the company come June, with their annual WWDC event.