YouTube’s social media integration tools

youtube_logoYouTube is obviously the go-to site for video, and possibly even music streaming. According to inside sources, their platform is now profitable (no link, sorry) in part due to their successful wrangling with the PRS and other rights organisations about music licensing fees. Now that Myspace is being forced into a pay-for-content model, it’ll be the only place where web users automatically go to find out more about a band they’ve heard of, and you, gentle reader, cannot afford to ignore it. If you haven’t shot a video for your latest track, cut some stills together, and for [insert deity here]’s sake get it up online! Once you’ve done so, YouTube are dedicated to making it easy to generate views on your video:

As we’ve built these tools directly into YouTube itself, with things like friend suggestions based on your Gmail address book and connecting your YouTube account to social networks via our AutoShare feature, we’ve started to see people becoming even more social. Some of this activity is hard to quantify — every day millions of YouTube links are sent via email, IM, Twitter and other communication methods — but we can tell you that:

  • Over one million people are AutoSharing videos to Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader
  • Each AutoShared Tweet you send out from YouTube turns into an average of seven new sessions on
  • Over a million people have found and subscribed to at least one friend on YouTube based on our Friend Suggest feature
  • Most Tweeted video yesterday? Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”
  • More than one million new subscriptions are created every day
  • Read more about the methods you should be using to disseminate your YouTube channel by clicking here.

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