In a bid to combat trolls and negativity on content, YouTube have added the ability to pause new comments from appearing on videos.

YouTube has unveiled a new comment moderation setting called “Pause,” which allows creators and moderators to temporarily disable new comments while preserving existing ones. This feature offers a more flexible approach to comment management by providing a temporary reprieve from overwhelming comment threads while still allowing viewers to engage with existing comments.

The Pause setting can be accessed from the video-level comment settings in the upper right-hand corner of the comments panel, both in the YouTube app and YouTube Studio. When Pause is turned on, viewers are notified that all comments are paused and can view previously published comments.

YouTube’s experimentation with the Pause feature since October has yielded positive feedback from participants, who reported feeling less overwhelmed by comment management and enjoying greater flexibility in their approach. This new moderation tool adds to YouTube’s existing comment moderation settings, which have been renamed for improved clarity. The new names, such as “On,” “None,” “Hold All” and “Off,” provide a more straightforward understanding of the functionalities.

The “Basic” setting, which holds potentially inappropriate comments for review, and the “Strict” setting, which puts a wider range of potentially harmful comments on hold, remain available for creators who prefer more stringent moderation.

YouTube’s introduction of the Pause feature and simplified naming convention demonstrates its commitment to providing creators and moderators with the tools they need to manage comments effectively and foster a positive viewing experience for their audiences.