Image credit: YouTube Music

YouTube Music may be adding one of the most requested features from users.

After adding a Youtube Music PWA (Progressive Web App) for Chromebooks earlier in the month, it appears that google is now testing a new Library Tracks playlist in YouTube Music, one of the most requested features among users. The new playlist has been spotted by some users but the feature isn’t widely available yet. The feature gives users easy access to all the songs in their library in one playlist. 

A recent Reddit post by user u/lordbrack showed the new feature in the YouTube Music app on Android. In the post they explain that after listening to music from their library it later showed up in their history, it is there where the playlist “Library Tracks” appeared, it included all the music in their history. However, they playlist wasn’t able to be played and showed a 404 error but it was possible to download it initially and view it offline. 

Credit u/lordbrack

From the screenshot above you can see that the Library Playlist looks like every other playlist in YouTube Music. The cover art is at the top, right next to the playlist name and the total number of tracks. There is also a download button for users to click to have the library in offline mode.

Currently there is no official information regarding this addition to YouTube Music but it’s looking likely this is a feature that will be implemented.