A live streaming app is coming from YouTube in the next few months, shortly after Facebook released Live video in the US.

This week Facebook Live rolled out to mobile users in the US. The feature once available exclusively to certain pages and celebs is now open for anyone to stream themselves live to Facebook so all your friends can watch you eat your lunch alone in real-time!

Never one to be left out, Google have now revealed that they will be getting in on the mobile, live streaming market with a new dedicated app called YouTube Connect. The app will let you live stream video from your smartphone’s camera on your YouTube account. There will also reportedly be a chat window for viewers to get involved, as well as a feed of clips from friends and subscribed channels.

Videos created on YouTube Connect will be watchable within the app and from channels as usual on other YouTube platforms. With the app you will also have the choice to save your streams to your device for offline viewing, transfer to other platforms, or whatever you want to do with it.

Live streaming has been implemented in YouTube on desktop for a while now and has seen major success allowing channels to cover events live, interact with their fans and give viewers access to more personal content. With Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook Live it was only a matter of time before we saw mobile streaming for YouTube. YouTube’s head of product, Manuel Bronstein said: “Live has always been a part of video, and it’s actually a very exciting part.”

Although we’ve yet to hear a release date the app is expected to launch over the coming months.