Google has added local versions of YouTube to 7 new countries, increasing it’s total to 85.

YouTube garners billions of views a day and 80% of those come from outside Google’s home in the US. Having become the biggest video hosting website in the world it makes sense that Google would want to make YouTube available in every country they can with global aims.

The countries receiving their own YouTube homepage this time are Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Belarus and more countries in the Baltics and Adriatics.  With a billion users worldwide YouTube continues to grow and show it’s influence as one of the biggest and most popular websites to ever exist, even dominating online music.

Google’s local versions of YouTube provide a personal homepage of the best videos and channels within a country as well as helping content creators to earn money. It also allows for creators to become a YouTube partner and gain access to tools and resources that they can use for their channel and videos.

YouTube has launched the careers of thousands of people around the world and is the career of a lot of users thanks to it’s giant user base and ad-monetisation on videos. Thanks to it’s unrestricted access allowing any content within certain guidelines there are communities featuring psuedo-celebrities for everything from beauty to gaming and films to comedy skits.

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