In a world of making one thing do multiple things, the Yamaha Relit LSX-70 is a desktop lamp and bluetooth speaker.

What’s inside? 24cm-tall, 1kg cylindrical enclosure, containing a rechargeable battery, a Bluetooth receiver, two speakers and four adjustable LED lights.

Being bluetooth connected, the LED can also be controlled through the iOS and Android app, allowing you to up or dim the brightness, and have the lamp come on at a set time.

Bluetooth 2.1, aptX compatibility and two speakers (a tweeter and a woofer) allows you to get good overall sound quality from the lamp.

The LSX-70 manages 8 hours of battery life when playing music with the light off.

Considering buying one? You have a choice of black, champagne gold, and bronze. For the “luxury” price of £460 and will go on sale this winter.

Although not very informative, here’s Yamaha’s promo video for the product.