Yamaha has announced the release of two finger drumming pads, the FGDP-50 and FGDP-30, as part of their all-new FGDP series.

The FGDP-50 and FGDP-30 instruments cater to both beginners and experienced finger drummers, prioritizing ease of use, versatility, and exceptional sound quality.

Yamaha FGDP-50 and FGDP-30

Yamaha describes the FGDP-50 and FGDP-30 as “all-in-one instruments,” offering you a portable and convenient way to enjoy drumming performances with your fingertips.

One of the key highlights of these finger drumming pads is their ergonomic layout, designed to optimize finger drumming performance.

Laid out in an arched layout with left-right symmetry, the pads are designed to be comfortable to play standard 8-beat rhythms with one hand or 16-beat rhythms with both hands. Meanwhile, you can express subtle variations in dynamics due to the sensitivity of the pads, while you can also practice techniques such as rolls, flams, and ghost notes.

Yamaha FGDP-50. Image Credit: Yamaha

Both models boast built-in speakers, tone generators, and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, all packed into a lightweight and compact body. As a result of their compact nature, you can enjoy finger drumming anytime, anywhere, without the hassle of cables or complex setups.

Furthermore, the FGDP-50 and FGDP-30 can function as MIDI controllers thanks to USB ports for easy connectivity to computers and music production software!

The FGDP-50 and FGDP-30 borrow sounds from Yamaha’s highly acclaimed DTX electronic drums series, re-tuned specifically for finger drumming. In addition to acoustic drum sounds, the FGDP series also offers a wide range of newly created electro sounds, catering to various music genres.

Yamaha FGDP-30. Image Credit: Yamaha

Meanwhile, the FGDP-30 offers users 1,212 Voices and 39 preset kits and the higher-spec FGDP-50 provides access to 1,500 Voices and 48 preset kits. The FGDP-50 also includes eight additional RGB pads for greater sound control and creativity.

Moreover, the included Session Creator tool allows users to drum along to backtracks of various music genres, accompanied by bass, guitar, synthesizer, and more. The FGDP-50 even offers a Note Repeat function, allowing users to repeat notes at set tempos and intervals.

Yamaha’s motivation behind developing these finger drumming pads is to make finger drumming more accessible and enjoyable for a wider audience. Finger drumming has gained popularity in clubs, live concerts, and on social media, but the complexity of the equipment and setup often deter beginners.

Therefore, the FGDP-50 and FGDP-30 aim to break down these barriers and make it easier for beginners to engage in finger drumming.

Pricing and availability

The FGDP-50 is priced at £335 while the FGDP-30 is available at £200. For detailed specifications and further information about both models, visit Yamaha’s official website below.