From the screen to the speaker Roku have just launched the audio companion to their TV’s with wireless home speakers.

Roku have released wireless speakers that are designed to connect to their TVs to enhance your entertainment experience. The set comes with two speakers which have been designed to work exclusively with Roku TVs for a seamless experience.

A pair of Roku speakers comes with a Roku voice remote and their new Roku Touch tabletop remote both providing simple control via voice or buttons. They promise a rich bass and vibrant high-frequencies and will create a “multi-dimensional sound for your home theater” using their left and right positions to maximise the sound space of your watching experience.

Roku claim that their wireless speakers offer greater stereo separation than soundbars are capable of delivering. Set up is simple and will leave your wall free of dangling wires as it connects to your Roku TV completely wirelessly but promised smooth playback. You only need to plug the speakers into the power and you’re set to go.

With Bluetooth support as well the speakers can become your new home audio setup no matter what you want to listen to. The speakers also have some cool built-in features, like Automatic Volume Levelling which dispels of the infuriating boom in volume when the adverts come on. The speakers listen to what is playing and will adjust the output intuitively so that you can hear dialogue clearly without losing an eardrum when the music returns.

The speakers will set you back $200 although if you purchase them between the coming Sunday and ‘Cyber Monday’ then you can nab them at a discount for $150.