little phattyIf you happen to be lucky enough (!) to live in Birmingham or it’s environs, then you should get to the Music Live show at the NEC, 6th-8th November (this weekend) where Source Distribution will be giving away a cool MOOG synthesiser. This is a keyboard as versatile in the studio as it is on stage, and worth more than £1k: “Moog Music is proud to introduce the Little Phatty Stage II; the newest member of the Little Phatty family. Like the Stage and Tribute Edition before it, the Little Phatty Stage II puts the performer in control of a 100% analog signal path, two ultra stable Voltage Controlled Oscillators, a Voltage Controlled Filter and other versatile features like an external audio input, CV and KB gate inputs and a full MIDI controller.” Then you can make lots of lovely tunes on it to upload to our music distribution service!