Major record label Warner/Chappell have signed to newly launched Mint Digital Services music licensing company created by SESAC and SUISA.

Mint Digital Services is the new transatlantic music licensing company created in collaboration between US music rights group SESAC and Swiss authors’ rights group SUISA. The company, launched last year, will take charge of the Warner/Chappell’s licensing administration for iTunes.

The deal will work as a sort-of trial for Warner/Chappell as they begin licensing with Mint only for one service, on iTunes. Assuming Mint’s claims of more efficient license agreement administrations using databases from SESAC, Harry Fox Agency and SUISA are true Warner/Chappell may well move to Mint for other major services like Spotify.

Delegate of the Board at Mint Digital Services, Alexander Wolf said: “By combining the expertise of the most accurate licensing process in Europe and the largest database of composition to recording links, Mint has created a platform that identifies more revenue from digital providers. This also enables publishers, such as Warner/Chappell Music, to realize more revenue faster and more accurately than ever before, and we’re thrilled to have them as a partner.”

Mint Digital Services has one of the most comprehensive international databases with around 16 million documented musical works and 96 million sound recordings, of which 25 million are pre-linked to musical compositions.

Mint Digital Services CEO Daniel Koehler said: “The joint forces of SESAC and SUISA make Mint one of the most attractive multi-territorial online administrators in the market.”