Walmart Updates Their Mp3 Music Download Store

Walmart_logoA revamped MP3 store launched today with aggressive pricing and new features that take full advantage of Walmart’s reach, clout and the chain’s brick and mortar locations:

  • 3 million MP3‘s from all four major labels and some independents
  • Top 25 songs from artists start at $.74. Standard pricing is $.94
  • Free Track Of The Week
  • Free mp3 of the customer’s choice with every CD purchase in stores or online beginning mid-November
  • Exclusive Soundcheck performances including upcoming shows with Beyonce, Nickelback and current American Idol, David Cook

The new download store also includes social features to display albums on social networking sites and blogs, as well as, enhanced search and discovery features.

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    Kudos to them for dropping their DRM, but this still doesn’t help the little guy. Walmart has worked to virtually kill a once-vibrant market place for smaller artist. It has become such a power-house, a 600 pound gorilla in the music business, that record labels are taking fewer risks on unknown artists and are instead vying for the limited shelf space in Walmart’s tiny offering. No wonder so many artists are going to independent labels

    @strongbad I totally agree. This isnt realy going to help too many people and I dont think Walmart are much of a player in the music business anyways.

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