Vinyl Up Close

You’ll need your 3-D specs to properly appreciate this amazing view of the surface of an LP, magnified x390 3d groovesby an electron microscope, photographed by Chris Supranowitz at the University of Rochester, who has also taken pictures of a load of other interesting stuff, including the pits on a CD, ladybird claws, and the surface of a fly’s eye… Makes you appreciate the wonder of the commonplace! Click on the pic to go to Chris’s project page, where you can find the rest of his images, or here to go to an amazing and totally non-music-related zoomable image of an ant under an electron microscope. 1950’s monster movie anyone?

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Kanye West calls for a music revolution… RouteNote is already providing one

Kanye’s recent Twitter outburst speaks to many artist around the world trapped in label and publishing deals. But the solution he calls for is already here in independent music distribution. Kanye’s no stranger to going…

Warner Music are in trouble over their hacked website

Warner Music Group’s commercial websites were recently affected by huge hacks and now they are named in a class-action lawsuit over the issue. Earlier this month it was discovered that Warner Music Group’s commercial websites…

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