Easily convert the case of your text. Make your text all upper, lower or title case, online and for free in seconds.

Our new Text Convertor on RouteNote Convert can switch the case of your text instantly. Whether you need all upper case, all lower case or capitalized for title case, we’ve got you covered. The Text Convertor tool also features a handy word counter, character counter and reading time calculator.

This feature, along with all other features on RouteNote Convert are completely free-to-use, available on desktop and mobile, and don’t require an account or installation.

  • Go to convert.routenote.com, click Other Tools, then Text Convertor
  • Simply input or paste your text in the box, click Upper case, Lower case or Capitalize to see the results in the box to the right or below

Below the results, you’ll find handy buttons to Copy or Download the output as a .txt file.

RouteNote Convert is packed with over 100 tools. These join the tons of free tools available to independent artists over at routenote.com. Sign up today for free!