Image Credit: Tidal

No longer are you constrained to static artwork on TIDAL. Now, you can stand out from the rest and give your listeners an epic experience with animated videos!

Finally, TIDAL has caught up with the likes of Spotify and Apple Music and is now offering animated artwork for music on its platform.

Though we’re always told not to judge a book by its cover, solid artwork is super important to entice listeners. And now it’s easier than ever to engage listeners on TIDAL with animated artwork!

Upload animated artwork to TIDAL

At the time of writing, you’ll need to get in contact with the TIDAL support team to upload animated artwork. You’ll need to send the team the UPC of the release, a link to the release once it’s live on Tidal, and the video file of your artwork.

Video requirements for animated artwork

  1. The first and last frames of the video should be the same for seamless looping
  2. File needs to be an animation of the static release artwork.

File requirements

  1. Display Aspect ratio: 1:1
  2. Maximum duration: 10 seconds
  3. Minimum resolution: 1280×1280
  4. Media format: MP4, H264
  5. Constant frame rate, 23.98 FPS minimum
  6. Bit Rate: Variable, Constrained/Capped to 15 Mbps

Upload animated artwork today!

Animated album covers are fast becoming the standard format for artists all over the world, and now you can take full advantage of this feature on TIDAL. While Apple Music and Spotify led the charge in rolling out animated artwork, other streaming services are following suit.

If you need a little inspiration when thinking about your animated artwork, why not use Soundplate’s free Cover Generator?

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