Universal Music Group Has Pulled Its Catalogue From Triller

Image credit: Triller

UMG has removed its catalogue from the TikTok rival due to it withholding payments to artists.

The short-from video platform Triller, the rival to Tik Tok has found itself in hot water with UMG as they pull their catalogue from the social media. However, this isn’t the first time they’ve been in trouble with with their treatment of copyright. 

Last summer, David Isrealite, CEO & President of the US-based publishing body NMPA said: “[Triller] boasts ‘millions of songs at your fingertips,’ however many of those songs have not been properly licensed.” He added, “The pattern of tech platforms asking for forgiveness instead of permission to use songwriter’s work must stop. Triller must legitimize its business by properly licensing all music on its platform.”

Today (February 5th) this sentiment has been echoed by Universal Music Group as they have taken it’s massive catalogue from the service. 

A UMG spokesperson has said: “We will not work with platforms that do not value artists. Triller has shamefully withheld payments owed to our artists and refuses to negotiate a license going forward.

“We have no alternative except to remove our music from Triller, effective immediately.”

Triller announced in June 2018 that it had signed a licensing deal with Universal Music Group, one that is likely now void. 

Curiously, the big three labels, which includes Universal Music Group have shares in the service. It’s also worth mentioning that Tuhin Roy, a former high ranking UMG employee now has a senior role with Triller. 

Triller was looking at going public this year as it secured $100m in funding and was valued at $1.25bn. 

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