CES, as every year, has introduced the world to a plethora of tech. There was some interesting audio tech appearances, but none quite as different as Ultrahaptics.

“Ultrahaptics creates tactile sensations in mid-air. No gloves or attachments, the feeling is projected onto your bare hands.”
Using very high frequencies inaudible to the human ear (about 40kHz), more commonly referred to as ‘ultrasound’, the Ultrahaptics device is able to recreate the sense of touch in thin air.

What are the useful applications for such tech? The idea is to bring this idea to the gaming and entertainment industry. Adding a new dimension to movies or videos games. We are increasingly seeing motion sensors come to the average consumer, such as the Xbox Kinect and the Leap Motion. The idea is Ultrahaptics will give these gadgets a new dimension of touch.

The technology is ready, it’s now up to developers and collaborators to bring this idea to life.

Watch the video below to see the reactions of people touching (seemingly) nothing.