Trent Reznor who has put togehter his new band with his wife Mariqueen Maandig, will release a free six track EP on June 1st. The EP will be made available via the band’s website,

There will also be an HD version of the EP, which is available for download; the ‘hi-def’ release will include a music video for “The Space In Between,” with a price of $2.

If you pre-order now, they’ll send you one track, “The Believers,” immediately. You’ll then be automatically emailed on June 1st as soon as the full EP download is ready.

The EP is set for a CD release on July 6. Vinyl edition to follow.

How To Destroy Angels track listing:

  • ‘The Space In Between’
  • ‘Parasite’
  • ‘Fur-Lined’
  • ‘BBB’
  • ‘The Believers’
  • ‘A Drowning’