How to apply for Spotify Marquee to amplify your new music

Spotify have opened up their Marquee marketing tool, allowing any artists and label to apply to promote their new releases. Spotify’s latest controversial ‘pay-for-plays’ program lets artist and labels effectively buy listeners, advertising new albums…

What is a release? The difference between singles, EPs, albums and extended albums.

If you’re new to music distribution you may be unfamiliar with releases and the different types on offer. Simply put, ‘release’ is an all-encompassing term for singles, EPs, albums or extended albums. If we ask…

An EP of unreleased Prince tracks to celebrate the anniversary of his death releases

This Friday an unreleased EP full of never-before-heard Prince tracks will be released to commemorate a year since the music star passed away. The EP will be titled ‘Deliverance’ and will feature 6 six unreleased…

Spectrals – Peppermint

Spectrals are just about to release their debut EP on October 10 through Moshi Moshi. The EP is called Spectrals Extended Play and is a collection of previously unreleased songs as well as some new ones. Below is a track from the new EP called Peppermint, which will be out on 27 September.

Music Video: Loneley Galaxy – Nutts

Lonely Galaxy is about to launch his new EP in October, which currently still doesnt have a title. Here is the first video from that release and its called Nutts.

Plain Sound Recordings – Pollum EP

Plain Sound Recordings is a group out of Denver, USA. I came across the group via a tip and I just had to post their upcoming EP which will soon be released. The EP is…

Trent Reznor: Free Download of His New EP

Trent Reznor who has put togehter his new band with his wife Mariqueen Maandig, will release a free six track EP on June 1st. The EP will be made available via the band’s website,….