Transform how you play with one MIDI Ring to rule them all

Put on this ring and your playing is transformed with new dimensions of control and it has Stevie Wonder’s seal of approval.

Enhancia is a ring that changes your playing with each movement. Use gesture controls to modulate, filter and effect your sound in numerous ways which feel as natural as playing normally.

Connect the ring up with your MIDI instrument, for example a keyboard and vary your playing with each movement of your hand. You set and control the exact parameters you want so that each movement provides the effect you want how you want it. Using an accelerometer the ring can provide vibrate from shaking your hand, change filter frequencies as you raise and lower your hand and much more.

The Enhancia Ring is another pathway to expressive playing which is becoming more and more important in musical developments in recent years. You can see similarities in products like Seaboard which transforms keyboards into one long playable surface with keys moulded into it so that you can slide, wobble, and play the instrument beyond just its notes. The Enhancia Ring lets you do this with a standard keyboard however its movement is less natural as you control the cadence from your finger.

The ring connects through a hub which can be connected through a computer or directly through a keyboard. The wireless connection is optimised for super low latency so that every movement takes its effect instantaneously.

The ring is still in development by French company Oria which hopes to launch the Enhancia ring via a Kickstarter campaign in March 2018. The ring was unveiled in all it’s glory at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last week and will be exhibited further at the National Association of Music Merchants Show (NAMM) later this month.

The Enhancia Ring got a test run by Stevie Wonder who gave his approval, saying: “I like it… I love it.”

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