Tracktion launch massive new DAW for modern producers – ‘Waveform’

Tracktion have launched a brand new music production software that they claim is “the most creative, inspirational and affordable digital audio workstation ever created”.

The all new MIDI composition tools available in Waveform are designed to empower and inspire the creative process. Tools which demystify complex musical structures and allow non-untrained enthusiasts to explore composition. Synchronized pattern generators allow you to dive into chord progressions with matching bass lines, melodies and arpeggios. Real time chord players turn one finger keyboard players into musical maestros. Don’t let your instrumental abilities restrict your creative flow.

Waveform features an expanded modular mixer that can take advantage of multi screen setups. The customizable interface allows you to quickly switch from editing to mixing workflows and desired viewing. Waveform’s powerful ‘racks’ environment allow you to build limitless DSP chains and save/recall them as presets, whether it be your favorite DSP for a particular vocalist, or deep sound design patch. Embrace the power and flexibility of digital modular.

Unlike other apps, Waveform supports all major plugin and loop varieties and runs on all major desktop operating systems – now including Raspberry Pi. The beautiful user interface has been carefully crafted to guide the user through the deep capabilities of a digital audio workstation. Dive in and start creating today.

Tracktion Waveform DAW music production software producers music dj making creation make recordingAll Tracktion DAWs feature a single screen interface and an ever-growing list of premium features. They’ve been designed specifically for use by musicians, artists and composers in need of a powerful, easy-to-use and affordable recording platform. The differences between T5, T6, T7 and Waveform are shown on the comparison chart.

Support for macOS 10.9 or later 10.7.5 or later 10.7 – 10.11 10.7 – 10.10
Support for WINDOWS 7 / 8 / 10 7 / 8 / 10 7 / 8 / 10 7 / 8
Support for LINUX Ubuntu 14.04 Ubuntu 12.04 Ubuntu 12.04 Beta
Support for Plugins VST/AU/Linux VST VST/AU/Linux VST VST/AU/Linux VST VST/AU
Unlimited Audio Tracks Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited MIDI Tracks Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automation Yes Enhanced Yes Enhanced Yes Enhanced Yes
Keyboard Shortcuts Yes + User Scripts Yes + User Scripts Yes + User Scripts Yes
Color Editor No No Yes Yes
Video Sync Yes Yes Yes Yes
Timestretch Algorithm Professional Professional Professional Basic
Latency Management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Step Sequencer Enhanced Enhanced Enhanced Yes
Freeze Point Technology Yes Yes Yes Yes
Edit Clips Yes Yes Yes Yes
MIDI Learn Yes Yes Yes Yes
Audio Comping Advanced Advanced Advanced Basic
Free Online Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
In-App MARKETPLACE Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warp Time Yes Yes Yes
Track Tags Yes Yes Yes
Hardware Insert for Plugins Yes Yes Yes
Pitch Fades Yes Yes Yes
Blue Steel UI Yes Yes
Clip Layer Effects Yes Yes
Integrated Setup Assistant Yes Yes
Multi-Browser Sync Yes Yes
Slimline Transport Bar Yes Yes
Animated Panels Yes Yes
Visual Plugin Selector Yes Yes
Grouped Clips Yes Yes
Linked Clips Yes Yes
Automation Patterns Yes Yes
LFO Generators Yes Yes
Edit Previews Yes Yes
Quick Zoom Yes Yes
Melodyne Essential (Pitch) Yes
Collective Sampler/Synthesizer Yes
Master Mix DSP Yes
Modular Mix Environment Yes
MIDI Pattern generators Yes
Realtime MIDI chord player Yes
Detail MIDI Editor Yes
Crashed plugin assistant Yes
Variable color schemes Yes
Support for Raspberry Pi Yes
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