Track whether festivals are cancelled with ‘Sick Festivals’

We’re seeing many of the world’s biggest festivals get cancelled or put on hold as Coronavirus grips the world. So many it can be hard to track.

Thankfully, music data company Viberate have launched a brand website that keeps track of roughly 5,000 festivals and whether or not they’re cancelled. ‘Sick Festivals’ monitors the festivals so that they can immediately mark them as cancelled or postponed whenever the status changes.

They say that over 300 festivals have already been cancelled or postponed and that number is likely to only increase over the next few months. Just today Live Nation had to announce the cancellation of their second major UK festival Download after Glastonbury was postponed for a year last week.

The idea was birthed last week when techno DJ UMEK, who helped found the startup, faced an onslaught of gig cancellations. He said: “Just a week ago, I played on the Resistance stage at Ultra in Melbourne and Sydney, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

“When I landed back home and turned my phone back on, most of my upcoming gigs had already disappeared from my calendar. That was when I realised how serious this outbreak had become in a matter of days. It feels eerily dystopian.”

To help both artists and fans who are in the same boat around the world he launched Sick Festivals with Slovenia-based company Viberate. He adds: “Now it’s up to us to do whatever we can to manage the damage.

“At Viberate, we quickly put together a service that we hope will help people see what’s going on with the festival they had been planning to visit, and shed a light onto the industry professionals’ income loss, which is no laughing matter.”

Head to the site for daily updates on the status of festivals:

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