Finding the best ticket prices is going to get a lot easier with TickX who’s new funding will help them spread across Europe.

British company TickX have built a business on letting concert-goers in the UK search all available ticket sellers for the best possible prices. It’s a valuable tool in a market which has become saturated with inflated ticket prices caused by aggressive middle-men (looking at you Ticketmaster), bots and scalpers causing escalating prices to see your favourite artists.

A new series-A funding round led by the UK’s largest venture-capital firm BGF Ventures brings £3 million in new funding to TickX. They plan to use their new funds to expand their services to “even more European countries” in the coming months as well as introducing cinema tickets to their searches and expanding the team to 35 staff members.

Their £3 million investment comes after the company turned down £75,000 in funding from the ‘Dragons’ in the investment TV show Dragon’s Den. The dragons requested a higher equity than founders Steve Pearce and Sam Coley were willing to accept. It worked out well for the duo as they then earned £750k in the months following from a funding round led by 24Haymarket.

CEO and co-founder, Steve Pearce said: “Over a million event-goers last year discovered that TickX is the only place they need to go to discover experiences and buy the best tickets. Now, our focus is firmly on international expansion and leading innovation in the multi-billion pound global experience market. The new funding round from BGF Ventures and our other fantastic investors will drive us towards becoming the go-to destination for experience-lovers across the world.”

George Mills, an investor at BGF Ventures, said: “We are both proud and excited to be backing Steve, Sam (Coley, the CTO) and the whole of the TickX team. We’ve been seriously impressed by their ambition and pace in building the company, and we’re confident that TickX will continue to expand and reach their goal of becoming the global go-to platform for discovering experiences.”

If you’re in Britain or the Irish republic you can check out TickX now and find the best deals for over 125,000 events around the UK: