The K-Board Pro Keyboard With Polyphonic, Multidimensional Control


The K-Board Pro 4 is the new MIDI keyboard controller from renowned instrument and technology creator, Keith McMillen Instruments. The K-Board promises the layout of a conventional keyboard with a selection of expressive controls built into it.

The K-Board features four octaves of keys which respond to pressure and finger movement on the X and Y axes allowing you experiment with modulation and effects within your playing. For example with left and right motions you can apply effects such as vibrato.

Though designed to look and feel like a traditional keyboard layout it may not be to the taste of traditional keyboard players as the keys don’t lower or raise as you play them and instead stay rigid. This is so that any actions or movements whilst playing can be accurately picked up by the keyboard.

The K-Board shares a similar conception to that of the SeaBoard, both part of a new wave of what are being called “Polyphonic Multidimensional Controllers”. Whilst the extra expression and options with these expressive controllers is amazing the instruments themselves have remained available for a fairly exclusive club – those with lots of money. However with the K-Board Pro 4 set to retail at $495 it seems that these multidimensional keyboards are becoming more affordable.

There’s no word on a release date just yet.

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