This weekend I’ll be heading to The Great Estate to experience a festival of arts, theatre, music, and culture all taking place on a… great estate!

Festival’s in Cornwall are always a special affair. There is so much wonderful countryside to play with that any event will be surrounded by neature that enables you to truly escape for a weekend to a capsule of entertainment.

Talulah Blue & Diva burlesque dancing entertainment great estate madame wong
Talulah Blue & Diva light up Madame Wong’s House of Wrong

The Great Estate seems like it will be no exception to this rule, in fact it looks set to be a shining example of what you can do with an expanse of natural beauty.

I’ll be joining the festivities on behalf of RouteNote to see what all the fuss is about – watching the grand estate house lit up with projections at night, entering Madame Wong’s House of Wrong for strange and exciting entertainment, exploring the woods for the secrets that lie beyond, and much more!

The Great Estate looks to not just be a music festival but to bring together a whole variety of life for a weekend that brings excitement in a whole manner of ways on and off the stage.

As mentioned earlier, the fantastical Madame Wong’s House of Wrong will be home to a different world of entertainment. Providing the alternative fix there will be sword swallowing, contortion, comedy, as well as burlesque from the magnificent Tallulah Blue. There will even be a Nirvana cover band fronted by Elvis Presley – truly strange and truly intriguing.

The great estate scorrier house festival music elvana nirvana elvis presley act cover tribute
Elvana defy all expectations of a Nirvana tribute band

A BBC Introducing Stage will showcase many of the wonderful acts coming out of Tuesday – some of the RouteNote team will be playing there even! On Friday Charlotte will join Mia Tuesday for their set, then on Saturday Katie and Lewis play in Hypophora to bring the noise to The Great Estate. On Sunday our very own Jordan Jane will bring his mellow sounds to the stage to calm it down before the final night begins.

The main stage will host headlining musical acts like James, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, and Craig Charles hosting his Funk and Soul show. The Hokey Cokey Parlour will bring the swing to the evenings whilst the Silent Disco in the woods puts the music on your head for a shameless bout of dancing.

Beyond the stages you will find vintage stalls full of colourful and amazingly patterned clothing, curious collectibles, retro camping kit and more. The playground has everything to keep the kids active and having fun all weekend with skate ramps, fairground rides, face painting, craft workshops and more activities for the whole famiy!

It promises to be a very fun and exciting weekend. I’ll be there taking footage, chatting to people, and seeing what the festival is all about so I can share it with all of you! Hopefully see you there?

Tickets are available from The Great Estate website now!