The best third-party Spotify playlist curators to send your music to in 2021

You’ve uploaded your music to Spotify, submitted to Spotify’s top playlists, where do you go from here? Submit your music to these top third-party playlist curators.

What are the most popular playlists on Spotify in 2021?

With millions of paying subscribers, Spotify are the most popular streaming service in the world, with there playlists breaking many artists into the mainstream.

How to get the blue verified tick on Spotify

Getting verified on Spotify for Artists gives your artist profile a blue tick, allows you to customise your page and view live stats. Getting verified on Spotify lets your fans know your artist page belongs…

How to get a Songwriter Page on Spotify

Announced a few months ago, much like Artist Pages, Spotify are now creating pages for songwriters. Here’s how to apply for your own. Found via the credits of some songs, Songwriter Pages show a list…