The internet is filled with amazing podcasts for discovering new music and talking about the greatest artists. Here are some of our favourites.

There are podcasts for all kinds of topics; discussing films, talking conspiracies, playing games, everything! So you bet your bottom dollar there are loads of great music podcasts out there.

Now this is just a list of the top ones we know. There are plenty more out there that we think are great as well as many more that we’ve probably never heard.

Make sure to share the podcasts that mean the most to you in the comments and share the love!

Song Exploder

Of course Song Exploder is the top music podcast for this list. The popular podcast is prolific amongst music lovers and podcast-heads alike.

Taking a deep-dive inside of the music of some of the world’s greatest artists, Song Exploder brings in artists to talk about their music and the incredible production that went behind it.

A must-listen for anyone interested in how the music that matters to us is made.

Broken Record

Legendary music producer Rick Rubin has his very own podcast show. Joined by best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell and journalist Bruce Headlam they cover some of the most interesting tales coming out of the music industry.

With a history in music as storied as Rick Rubin’s is you know your in for some amazing anecdotes when you tune in to Broken Record.

Switched On Pop

Chart music can be an enigma sometimes. Whether what makes the top 100 is your thing or not, Switched On Pop is focused on looking at the popular music of the week and what the deal is with it.

If you want to keep up on the popular music of today and talk shop about it’s effects without having to listen to all the filler; this one’s for you.


Almost self-explanatory, Dissect slices open a single album each episode. Taking from the very best in contemporary music this podcast analyses the cream of the crop, track by track.

A must for music heads fascinated with going beyond just listening to the music.

All Songs Considered

NPR know their stuff when it comes to music. This podcast coming out of National Public Radio’s body features Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton taking a look at new music recommendations, chatting music news and interviewing artists.

It’s a great podcast for discovery and a chance to hear from some of the most influential artists going around.