Beastie Boys’ Mike D sells off band memorabilia in aid of children’s charities

All proceeds from the Sotherby’s auction organised by the Beastie Boys member will go to a food poverty charity.

12 Cover Songs from 2020

Now that the finish line of 2020 is in sight, at Routenote we’re looking back over this endless year and pulling together some of the highlights from the music world. What was the best cover version of a song you heard in 2020?

Watch a new trailer for ‘Beastie Boys Story’ by Spike Jonze (video)

Get deep and personal with the Beastie Boys in a brand new documentary about the hip hop group coming to Apple+. A new documentary detailing the lives of the Beastie Boys takes a ‘live documentary…

Discover the legacy of Roland’s famous 808 drum machine in this Apple exclusive documentary

‘808: The Movie’ is a deep exploration of history’s most influential drum machine, Roland’s famous TR-808 that created a generation of entirely new sounds. If there’s one name that people associate with when they think…

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Nominees – Tom Waits

I first discovered Tom whilst studying music at university, and his songs completely transformed my understanding of what a songwriter, a performer and a singer can be. His career has been so intensely diverse and vast in its unparalleled quality that it’s impossible to give you a couple of highlights.