Synchedin – 20% discount code on sync music licensing

Need royalty free music and sound effects for your next video project? You’ve come to right place. Synchedin offer full commercial licenses at an unbelievably low rate.

SynchedIn is RouteNote’s partner music licensing service. With a subscription, you can download unlimited tracks from known indie artists or high quality sound effects for use in videos, films or advertising. Upload and monetize your videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram with no issues of claims or copyright strikes.

You can explore Synchedin’s full library of music and sound effect, listening for free, without an account. Easily find what you’re looking for by filtering or searching by mood, genre, vocals, instruments and sub genres. Each track clearly lists the title, artist name, length and BPM. Once you’ve found what you’re after, purchase a subscription for unlimited downloads and use in your videos.

Synchedin Music subscriptions are usually $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year, while Sound Effects subscriptions are usually $3.99 per month or $39.99 per year. Enter coupon code ‘RouteNote20‘ when you sign up for 20% off your first month of subscription. That’s just $3.99 for Music subscriptions or $3.19 for Sound Effects subscriptions. Act fast, as this exclusive deal closes at the end of January 2021!

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How music distribution deals work

With RouteNote there aren’t any complicated contracts or unexpected fees down the line. We even have a free distribution option!

Music distribution for independent labels explained

2021 is the era of the independent record label, and it’s never been easier to distribute music for free.

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