Keeping track of what’s hot in music can be a chore, but no more on YouTube as they’ll be presenting you with what’s popping on their platform in real-time.

YouTube are looking to take a more serious step in the music direction after the past year has seen controversy over their payments to artists. As they move closer to launching a dedicated music service on YouTube they have spread their music charts across the world and introduced a new way to keep up to date with the hottest new tunes.

YouTube have just rolled out new and improved music charts for 44 countries around the world, including the US, UK, Japan, Germany, Brazil and more. The new dedicated charts page gives you a tailored look at what the hottest tracks and artists on YouTube are right now because, they say: “We understand the importance of showcasing and celebrating the hottest artists, songs and music videos from around the world.”

The fresh charts page features a brand new Trending section which shows what is new, hot and rising. The trending chart is updated throughout the day so that it can present a real-time offering of what people are listening to. YouTube say it’s their first dedicated external signal of their platforms most viewed new music.

Speaking to Billboard YouTube’s head of label relations, Stephen Bryan said: “The labels and a lot of the industry already use YouTube to understand what’s hot, and as the world’s most powerful music discovery platform, we play a really critical role in new music today. The Trending chart is an evolution that’s based on that understanding. We think it’s going to be incredibly helpful to the industry in providing the clearest view in what’s happening in music today.”

Beyond the new Trending section their charts will feature a Top Songs chart which combines the views on all versions of a song, including music videos, lyric videos, and official songs uploaded by users. There is then the Top Artists list which shows YouTube’s most popular artists based on views across their entire discography. Then finally there’s the Top Music Videos chart which you can probably gauge the contents of by now.