Image Credit: Solid State Logic

Solid State Logic’s Complete subscription continues to make waves. Now, the company adds X-Limit to the subscription offering.

X-Limit is the fifth plugin to join the SSL Complete package in recent months. Moreover, the plugin has “extremely low” latency performance making it a go-to limiting plugin for recording, mixing, mastering and live sound too.

In fact, SSL X-Limit looks to be an effective tool for increasing the loudness of your tracks, groups, and master track while avoiding clipping! 

Jon Sandman, Plugins Product Manager at SSL, states the X-Limit is “capable of extremely transparent limiting, colour and punch, or classic SSL glue”.

SSL X-Limit features

You can choose between different modes with different limiter characteristics! These include Transparent, Glue, Punch and Auto.

And True Peak engages a True Peak algorithm that ensures that inter-sample peaks are limited, thereby providing momentary and max True Peak value readouts.

The all-in-one waveform visualiser provides insight into how the plugin is reacting to your input and settings too.

Reduction/Ducking amount – highlighted in red – displays at the top of the plugin. On the right-hand side sits an I/O Difference meter which allows you to A/B test the output of the plugin.

To the left of the I/O meter sits the Ceiling/Threshold sidebar for adjusting the ‘height’ of your dB ceiling too. In effect, you can easily set your threshold and ceiling against the incoming signal level.

Also at the top of the plugin sits a Steer meter which indicates to you how the limiting process may influence the stereo image of your signal As a result you can use this feedback to minimise stereo degradation while using the Channel Link knob in the bottom right.

In the bottom left sit three knobs – Gain, Threshold and Ceiling.

Whereas the Ceiling and Threshold knobs correspond with the accompanying sidebar, the Gain knob allows you to increase the input gain of the plugin.

Beneath these knobs sit A/B buttons for testing variations in the settings of the plugin.

Gain Locks allows you to lock the gain you have applied to demo different presets and styles.

Finally, Auto Release, Release, and Look Ahead controls sit at the bottom of the plugin too.

You can allow the plugin to release the limiting automatically or dial it in manually. And Look Ahead tells the plugin to anticipate amplitude fluctuations in the incoming signal.

Price and availability

You can get X-Limit now as part of the SSL Complete subscription from $14.99 per mopnth. Alternatively, you can take advantage of SSL’s introductory one-off payment offer of $69.99.

SSL X-Limit is now available in VST2, VST3, AAX and AU plugin formats with M1 Native Support.