For the sake of CPU power and simplicity, the fewer plugins you can use to achieve polished mixes and masters the better.

SSL’s new G3 MultiBusComp multiband compressor is one such plugin. Designed to “[deliver] the classic SSL glue compression,” the MultiBusComp plugin offers 3 frequency bands you can configure independently.

SSL G3 MultiBusComp

Boasting the analogue-inspired user interface, the g3 multiband compressor packs a punch with sidechain features, parameter linking, and intuitive visual feedback. As a result, SSL’s MultiBusComp is a resourceful plugin tidying the layers of your project up, in addition to mixing and mastering in addition.

For instance, G3’s per-band sidechaining and filtering options make it easy to create custom sidechain filters not connected to any of the plugins’ band crossovers. Therefore, you can determine how hard the compressor responds to specific frequencies with the bell filters available for each band.

SSL G3 MultiBandComp offers 3 frequency bands which you can configure independently, intuitive metering, per-band harmonic drive, and a resizable UI.
SSL G3 MultiBusComp UI. Image Credit: Solid State Logic

Meanwhile, SSL’s integration of parameter linking allows you to apply inverse changes between selected parameters automatically by “holding down the shift key while changing the input/output gain or the threshold and makeup gains in each band”, thus saving you slicks and valuable seconds.

SSL has made it easy to audition your settings via exclusive soloing on each band as well as each band’s sidechain input, meaning you can hear each band in isolation in order to make informed decisions while mixing. Furthermore, MultiBusComp offers per-band harmonic drive options to add warmth to compressed bands with gain-compensation, accounted for by SSL’s ‘4K’ drive circuit to you can “add character and warmth to specific frequencies all while maintaining full dynamic control”.

Finally, the user interface is resizable and you can adjust it from 50% to 200%, meaning SSL has accommodated both small laptops and large TVs.


SSL G3 MultiBusComp is available now for $%199.99. It’s also available as part of SSL’s plugin subscription service, SSL Complete, in VST, AAX, and AU plugin formats.