Spotify’s new radio-style playlist combines music and news in U.K.

Spotify’s Daily Drive presents listeners with a unique mix of music and news content that has British radio stations biting their nails.

Spotify have launched ‘Your Daily Drive’ for listeners in the U.K. after launching the unique playlist in the U.S. and Germany last year. The playlist is a unique blend of music and news which is designed as a radio-style blend of content to get listeners up to date whilst interspersing tunes they know users will like.

Whilst clearly intended by the team to be an accompaniment to the drive-time commute, it can be listened to at any time in the day or night. It uses listeners’ taste profile on Spotify to present a mix of music that they already enjoy or that Spotify recommends whilst slipping in news updates from various sources.

News sources include: The Times, FT, TalkSPORT, The Economist, and the Evening Standard.

Spotify UK’s Managing Director, Tom Connaughton says: “At Spotify we believe in providing access to personalised content that our users love. That’s why we are proud to introduce a new offering in the UK and Ireland that will revolutionise people’s daily listening experience: this new playlist gives listeners the current affairs updates we know they’d like more of alongside the music they want, blended seamlessly into their day”.

Music streaming has already been a threat to traditional radio for years, however features like this verge increasingly on a total replacement of the radio experience. Spotify don’t have unique personalities hosting playlists (yet) but they do have the upper hand with knowing what music to personalise each person’s streams with.

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