Spotify’s Discover Weekly sponsorships expands to 9 new markets

Spotify open up brand sponsorships for their Discover Weekly playlist in 9 additional EMEA markets, including Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Switzerland and Turkey.

Over 2.3 billion hours of Discover Weekly have been streamed on Spotify since launching in July 2015. Discover Weekly is a personalised playlist, tailoring its music selection for each specific users. Last year, Spotify allowed brands to sponsor the playlist, offering personalised relevant ads to free users of the platform. After “successful launches” in North America, Latin America and the UK, Spotify will be bringing sponsored playlists to Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Switzerland and Turkey.

Never before across EMEA have advertisers been able to own the personalised listening experience on Spotify Free. Now advertisers can own the discover moment on Spotify and share their message with multiformat ad experiences including audio, video and display.

Spotify Press Statement

Discover Weekly gives us, and any playlist sponsors, an opportunity to show users that we know them even better than they may know themselves. At Spotify we are focused on providing brands and advertisers with unique opportunities to engage with consumers, and the potential sponsorship of Discover Weekly really delivers against that. We’ve already rolled this offering out in the UK and US and have had great feedback from brands that have seized the opportunity to engage with a hyper-captivated audience: we are excited to now bring this to new markets across EMEA.

Rak Patel, Regional Head of Sales UK and Pan-EMEA, Spotify

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