Image Credit: Szymon Kopeć

Spotify are testing a new Rewards Program in Asia, where users can buy and use Premium Mini subscriptions to earn additional discounted days.

Premium Mini is a discounted, short-term Spotify membership available in India. Where full Premium subscriptions for ₹119 ($1.44) per month give users access to ad-free music and up to 10k songs offline on up to 5 devices, Premium Mini subscriptions at just ₹7 ($0.085) per day or ₹25 ($0.30) per week enables ad-free listening on mobile, with up to 30 songs available offline on 1 mobile device.

Announced by Szymon Kopeć, Senior Product Manager, Spotify are rolling out a new Rewards Program where paying for and using a Premium Mini subscription within a given time period will earn listeners additional discounted periods. Kopeć states that challenges will vary over time.

For now, Spotify’s Rewards Program is just rolling out in India, but we may see the feature expand as it was “built with Asia in mind.”

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