Spotify expand their personalized Made For You mixes, from a handful of mood, decade and genre mixes, to almost anything you can search for.

Spotify Mixes are personalized playlists based on the music you listen to, to perfectly match the moment. Head to the Made For You page on Spotify to find a selection of mixes around the moods, decades, genres and artists you listen to the most. Each is updated daily with 50 recommended songs, including the music you already love and new tunes Spotify thinks you’ll love.

Now with Niche Mixes, Spotify introduces “tens of thousands” of new Mixes, each unique to you. Simply “search for an activity, vibe, or aesthetic” with the word “mix” at the end.

Spotify recommend a few mixes to get you started, such as Feel Good Morning Mix, 80s Running Mix, Driving Singalong Mix, and Night Time Mix. I managed to find some fun contrasting mixes, including Relaxing Metal Mix and Angry Chill Mix.

Spotify Niche Mixes are available now, globally, to all Free and Premium users who search Spotify in English.

We recently looked at a tool called PlaylistAI, which uses OpenAI to build playlists from any text input. As I said back then, “it is something we could genuinely see Spotify implement in the future as an expansion of their personalized playlists.” It seems Spotify have done just that!

Spotify Mixes are another great avenue for independent artists to find new audiences. Upload to Spotify for free and grow your fanbase today.