Spotify are experimenting with a karaoke feature

Spotify are testing a bunch of new features according to reveals in their latest update, and a karaoke mode could be on the way.

After spotting offline listening for free users as a feature that’s being tested, reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong has found another exciting potential new feature. According to what’s built into Spotify’s latest app updates, they’re looking at introducing a karaoke feature.

How does it work?

When you listen to a song in Karaoke mode there will be a vocal slider. You can adjust this slider to turn the vocals up, down, or remove them completely as you sing along. The songs will play with real-time lyrics that you can follow and sing along with.

The feature is simply being tested at the moment and may not come to fruition but if they’re able to do it well this could be a huge feature for Spotify. Every music streaming service vies for the position of first choice at a party, and a karaoke function would certainly find itself at certain types of parties.

We will see how testing goes to find out whether Spotify launch this feature officially.

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