Pay musicians with claps for every stream with this new speaker

Volareo could revolutionise the streaming game with great payouts for artists and even the ability to tip artists with claps.

Volareo is a speaker and a music streaming service all in one that could revolutionise the game for artists. It’s the world’s first Smart speaker to be powered by Musicoin blockchain technology and seems almost too good to be true.

Using the power of blockchain the Volareo smart speaker is able to pay out higher rates for each music stream (currently $0.10 cents a stream). On top of higher streaming rates Volareo also offers a unique new way of showing when you love an artist.

By clapping, or less fun-ly clicking a button, you can tip an artist various amounts of Musicoin so they get what you think they deserve rather than a service’s set price. Each Volareo speaker comes with a pre-loaded wallet with $10 of Musicoin for your tipping pleasure so you can start tipping straight away. You can then add more money to your wallet when you have run out to tip more artists.

The founder of ROCKI, Nick Yap says: “Blockchain technology offers levels of engagement from fans and compensation to the artists that were unimaginable years ago. Powered by Musicoin, we designed Volareo to work seamlessly with this new movement.”

Blockchain is a Musicoin that generates currency using an algorithm that “enables musicians and consumers to exchange value in a frictionless environment”. It’s like a currency made just for music artists and listeners. Musicoin blockchain chief creator, Issac Mao puts it simply: “The more you share, the more you receive.”

Mao said: “With Volareo, you don’t just listen to and discover new music – you reward your favourite artist instantly. By partnering with ROCKI, we have created a device that gives music lovers the ability to kick off a revolution right from their living room. This has been a dream of mine for years.”

ROCKI and Musicoin plan to be able to deliver the Volareo speaker by the end of 2018. They hope to be able to team up with musicians to promote and brand the product with it’s artist-focussed approach.

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